Make some noise for Matt

Matt is another of our Student Officers. He can’t wait to see Fuse ODG and has some tips for those of you out there with a beard the size of his when it comes to dressing up.

Q: Out of all the bands playing this year, who are you looking most forward to seeing?

A:  Fuse ODG has got to be the one to look out for.

Q: There are some really big names on the line-up! With such a fantastic and varied line-up, how have students on the campus been reacting to the announcement?

A: There’s definitely a building of anticipation to the event now that the announcements have been made. The news is now out there, which means the only thing left to do is get your outfits ready!

Q: Other than the amazing bands, what else can we expect from this year’s ball?

A: A fantastic social atmosphere. Regardless of the attractions, everyone looks forward to reconnecting with friends after the essays and exams period.

Q: How has the feedback been on the announcement that this year’s ball will be masquerade themed?

A: It’s a new theme that has got people excited because you literally could pick anything to wear!

Q: For any students out there thinking hard about their costume, have you got any recommendations?

A: If you’re like me and have a beard, be sure to trim it so the mask looks good.

Q: The Union ball must be a huge event in the social diary of any student! What are the levels of excitement like on campus?

A: They’re certainly building — that’s for sure!