Bring on the bands!

In the run-up to the event, we’re asking those closest to the union – our sabbatical officers – to give us their thoughts on this year’s end of year Union Ball. First up is Amy!

Q: Out of all the bands playing this year, who are you looking most forward to seeing? 

Definitely the Pigeon Detectives. They were a big part of the soundtrack to my ever-so-slightly angst-ridden teenage life!

Q: There are some really big names on the line-up! With such a fantastic and varied line-up, how have students on the campus been reacting to the announcement? 

I’ve heard a lot of good things, particularly in relation to the variety of music and the different stages, meaning if you’re particularly interested in one you don’t need to listen to a lot of music you wouldn’t usually listen to while you wait.

Q: Other than the amazing bands, what else can we expect from this year’s ball? 

Is food, wine and tears an appropriate answer? End of year ball for me has always felt like a perfect end to the year, and for many the end of University life in general, it’s a great send-off and I know I shed a good few tears last year as I said goodbye to my friends.

Q: How has the feedback been on the announcement that this year’s ball will be masquerade themed? 

Masquerade was a big winner on the polls sent out and I’ve heard only positive things from people as they start to look for outfits that fit the theme.

Q: For any students out there thinking hard about their costume, have you got any recommendations? 

My biggest advice would be wear something that makes you feel great and that you’re comfortable in; spending all night worrying about your outfit will completely ruin the experience!

Q: The Union ball must be a huge event in the social diary of any student! What are the levels of excitement like on campus?’

I’m looking forward to the build-up after Easter and ultimately after exams have finished, as we build up to the end, excitement on campus really starts to mount!